About Us.

The primary purpose of the FIRST Robotics Team #1493 is to expose high school students to the world of science and technology
by having high school students work side by side with engineers to design and build a robot. The students from Albany High work
with RPI School of Engineering students and professors.

Currently, in our 16th year, we

  • Aim to hone programming, manufacturing and public relations skills

  • Intend to collaborate with our student and adult mentors from RPI

  • Plan to help the Lego Leagues in our Elementary and Middle schools

  • Know we make a difference in our school and community.

We are looking forward to a great season, filled with acquiring new skills, concentrated effort, intense competition, gracious
professionalism and lots of fun. And regardless of whether we win an award or not, we will be winners, as we have done more than
accomplish our goal for the year. Not only do we have a team this year, our team is larger, there is more parental involvement, we
have more financial supporters, our ties with RPI are stronger and deeper, and we know that we are a presence in our school – there
are no ifs!!


The focus of FIRST is to excite young people about the accessibility, fun, and importance of science, math and technology.
FIRST was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989. FIRST operates the FIRST Robotics Competition and the FIRST Lego League, and is introducing
the FIRST Vex Challenge in conjunction with Radio Shack.

FIRST Robotics Competition is a high-tech sporting event for high school students. It joins high school students with thousands of volunteer
mentors consisting of engineers, teachers, and other professionals, to create a robot specifically designed to complete tasks in a “game” that
changes from year to year. Much brainstorming, teamwork, and mentoring go into the creating the robot, for there are only 6 weeks to put
everything together each year! FIRST Robotics has expanded to several other countries, including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, and England.

FIRST Lego League is very similar to the FIRST Robotics competition. Participants ranging in ages 9-14 create a robot from Lego blocks as well
as other elements and engage in friendly competition while having an opportunity to gain knowledge in engineering and computer programming.

FIRST Vex Challenge is a more accessible and affordable version of the FIRST Robotics competition. The intent is to provide more students with
the opportunity to discover robotics, technology and the excitement of engineering and building at a lower cost, but with the same high standards.
For more information, contact the FIRST website,