It’s 2004 and with a lot of help from RPI and Team 20 we managed to build our first robot and attended our very first FRC event in Hartford, CT. We won the “Rookie All Star Award” in Hartford which included an invitation to the FIRST World FInals in Atlanta, GA. We did make it to Atlanta with the help of AHS and the district for a fantastic and exciting rookie year adventure.


In 2005 we had 15 AHS students and 22 RPI students on the team and the majority of the robot was built at RPI as we traveled there 2 times per week. Larry Ruff and Paul Schoch from RPI worked with the AHS and RPI students in a joint effort to design and build the robot. We won the “Engineering Design Award”.


2006 continued in the same fashion as 2005 with our relationship with RPI. Here are are team sponsors from 2006.

In 2007 we built a robot with black carbon composite ramps for other robots to park on top of our robot.



Another year with AHS and RPI students working together. But now a lot more work is being done at AHS so not as many trips to RPI.


The 2009 team in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab at RPI.


In 2010 the game was “Breakaway”.


In 2011 the game was “Logomotion”.


Rebound Rumble team photo in 2012. Now working without RPI students for the first time.


Ultimate Ascent and our frisbee shooting robot, one of our favorite robots.


In 2014 the game was “Aerial Assist”


“Recycle Rush” was the game in 2015.


In 2016 the game was “Stronghold”.


“Steamworks” was the game in 2017.


In 2018 the game was “Power Up” and our first time winning a regional competition and off to Detroit for the FIRST World CHampionship.


The game coming up in 2019 is called “Destination: Deep Space”, will have to wait until January 2019 to see a description of this game.